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Silhouette & Facette Blinds

Silhoutte® Blinds

As light as silk, as decorative as a curtain and as practical as a Venetian blind.  This revolutionary blind allows you to control the glare and intensity of light coming into the room.  When open they provide a softly filtered unobstructed view and when closed offer total privacy and UV protection whilst still allowing light to gently filter in. Available in 50mm, 75mm or 100mm vane widths and a wide range of subtle colours. Available as cord operation, battery operation with remote control or electric.

Facette® Blinds

Innovative Facette® shades feature a unique 3D fabric which is opened and closed by sliding the translucent and opaque woven sections past each other by use of a single control chain.

Combines the warmth and beauty of soft fabric with subtle light and privacy control.  Choose from contemporary and diverse fabric shades and three vane sizes – ultra slim 4mm, classic 7mm and for a really dramatic look – 14mm.